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the vampire diaries (CW) | elena gilbert, elijah | mistakes were made

Title: landfall
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (CW)
Rating: teen
Characters: Elijah, Elena
Pairing(s): creepy pre-ship
Contains: very little to warn for. menace and attempted violence.
Prompt(s): [info]au50, 23. Deceive
Notes: Set in a vague s2 AU where Damon didn't reach them at the lakehouse before Elijah.
Summary: Her first thought was 'werewolves.'

The phone trilled again.

Elena picked it up and looked at the display. Damon. She pressed her lips together and after a moment’s contemplation tossed it back to the pillow. She was not in the mood for Damon, whether he was in one of his humorous or mutinous moods. Her eyes dropped once more to the cramped, spidery handwriting filling the crackling hunter’s journal in front of her. It wasn’t that she was lonely - if Stefan were here, there would be a silence full of bitter arguments of those arguments given voice - but this wasn’t what she’d hoped for when they’d set out. It stung.

She thought about checking Stefan’s phone - she was pretty sure it had gotten left on the table, and Damon would call Stefan if it was really serious and she failed to pick up - but she was worn down and heartsick and even if the lakehouse hadn’t really turned out to be a vacation, it was still a break from Mystic Falls and she was clinging to that. She’d get up and check once she’d finished this page. They’d still have to drive, so it wasn’t like it could cut that much into reaction time should Stefan’s phone have buzzed unnoticed.

She was on the second to last line when she heard the front door blow in.

Her first thought was werewolves. The book hit the floor with a thump and she scrambled up, abandoning shoes and seizing instead one of the long butcher knives still kept here. It had been part of a wedding present to her parents, she remembered inanely as she burst out onto the back porch and scrambled for the weeds. Her mom had already had a set for home.

When someone seized her elbow she cried out - couldn’t help it - but as she was effortlessly twirled to face her assailant she was already stabbing.

An iron grip caught her hand, and as she gasped in pain she looked up to see a frighteningly familiar face curiously regarding her weapon. His grip eased, and her mind went into a tailspin.

“Elijah?” she asked, completely blank.

“Elena,” he said. A thin smile pursed his mouth as he turned back to her. A last casual twist of his grip knocked the knife free. “I take it you weren’t expecting me?”

“No,” she said breathlessly. He was still holding onto her, and a creeping feeling of something wrong intensified. “I thought werewolves...”

“Ah. I see. And given your state of relative calm when you greeted me, I take it you have no idea of the plots the brothers Salvatore have been amateurishly hatching behind you back?”

The bottom dropped out of her stomach. “What did they do?”

“Why, Elena,” he said casually. “They killed me. With greater faith but, unfortunately for them, no greater success than the first attempt.”

Her mind scattered, running circles, frantically trying to find some fix. Desperately she said, “they shouldn’t have done that, but - “

Softly, pleasantly, he said, “our deal is over.”

She barely had time for a choked cry of protest before the world blurred around her and she lost consciousness.