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31st-May-2012 08:17 pm
Rewatching the first Blade movie!

The first watch I enjoyed it but though Wesley Snipes is ungodly beautiful his character didn't really...grab me. They were trying a little too hard.

This time though I have gotten ridiculously delighted with this perception of the relationship being slanted towards older women/younger man. Wesley Snipes is in reality older than N'Bushe Wright, but their dynamic makes a lot more sense that way; of course a young man would sometimes come off as trying too hard, too absorbed and obsessed with this path of violence and power as something to center himself around, when he's an outcast on so many levels - race, species, power, his history, his isolation, he and Whistlers' very grim emotional outlook (Whistler is also obviously not exactly an emotionally demonstrative or healthy caregiver) and it becomes a kinda-past-adolescent emotionally wracked effort to push away the world and find his place by (as teenagers often do) divorcing themselves from and elevating themselves above it.

Which then puts Dr. Karen Jenson as the logical, level headed scientist who is way too smart for this shitwhose plot is spear-headed by her efforts to cure herself and also, oh, kill a god. (He is the instrument; she creates the blow.) I especially had fun with the scene between Karen and Whistler as on guard, reasoning adults - one ruthless but distantly compassionate, one thinking sharply, landing on her feet in a nasty new world and running with it - while Blade does his homework in the background. BEST FUCKED UP FAMILY UNIT.

Also their emotional power dynamic is just enough skewed in the direction of her maturity and that's hot. Blade thinks he's too bad for this but she's not taking any of his shit. (I love how their conversation in the car is just straight up about how she's gonna get her best chance. No sugar-coating it with trying to argue about how she could be useful, she's coming along because making use of him and his resources extends her life expectancy and if he doesn't like that, well, he can just suck it up so she can save herself. I swear that pun was not intentional.)

Haaaa, I also love that she saves herself every step of the way. Except maybe the apartment but I bet she would have clocked that guy one. I was just sort of squirming all over in inappropriate feelings and delight during her whole conversation with Frost because even when he was pitching a fit she was controlled, brave, even disdainful.

I looooove her. (I may or may not have spent their last bit of screentime whispering 'just make-out. please just make-out. once? tho I guess the vampire porn and the spasming in his arms and all might have made the filmmakers feel that they'd filled their quota. THEY WOULD BE WRONG.)

I just love when movie writers depend a little less on well ground tropes and have human beings treat other human beings like...human beings. Whistler will kill her if she turns into a vampire but he respects her, even likes her, and there's a tense combative kind of understanding between all of them, respect (I know I'm overusing that word but I've grown to love it because damn it is so often lacking) and allies and competence kink and yessss.

Their science made me laugh, though. I mean, I'm not an expert or anything but they way they wrote it kind of seemed very 'lookit we learned new words!' on the script-writers' part.

The gore was ridiculous and I covered the screen for some/most of it, especially the exploding bits (grooooooss) but I loved the characters and I actually really liked Whistler and I appreciated the actor's gruff, brief delivery of his gratuitous fridging background. Not about his pain (except for where it totally is about his pain, but he clearly recognizes the larger forces so I would say not capital-M Manpain) but about the shit that these creatures do and how he hasn't got anything left. Whistler's character also worked to reduce some of the glamour of Blade's flashy moves and wardrobe; he's an old man who has nothing left who has no illusions about this fight - whose life is dwindling anyway, who's more matter-of-fact than righteous about his place in the world.

I'm basically just a total sucker for crisis stories and the way the characters interact together under such high pressures.

(Sanaa Lathan was spectacular (Leeeeeex I looooove youuuuu) Frost was kinda gross even for a villain - 'yours'? really? UGH - Blade really deserves a 'FUCK MY LIFE' captain.

On a final note, the dearth of N'Bushe Wright icons on the intarwebs is currently causing me gratuitous levels of rage and tragedy.

ETA: Here in closing have a screencap of N'Bushe Wright. I literally spent so many scenes just sort of absorbing her face.

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