June 2020



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$ what big teeth you have

Title: Like You Sing To Me
Fandom: Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature
Subject: Lily/the mermaid
Rating: mature
Theme: She can almost taste her.
Notes: She Creature (first and only part of a tragically abandoned trilogy) or: Lillian Shaw and her creepy murderous mermaid girlfriend. BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

She smells like the man.

She can almost taste his sweat on the woman's skin. Lily, he calls her - groans it out as he arches between her clenching thighs.

She can almost taste the sweeter sweat on the hot silk of the inside of Lily's thighs. She wants the woman. She wants Lily.

If she pulled her into the tank Lily would fight - splash, and shout, and tremble in fear. But if Lily slipped into the tank - where she is, after all, so obligingly chained and tame, so helpless - the chilly water plastering her nightdress to her body, slicking her dark curls and her bitten lips - if she came close enough to touch, then the messenger, the provider, could croon to her the way mermaids sang, could draw her close enough to put her almost-human mouth on Lily's skin, find the flushed curve of the side of her breast which would feed her child, find the mole the human man had spoken of before his bones snapped between her teeth.

Lily is beautiful even when she's afraid.

She would sing to her like she'd sing to any mermaid, and Lily would understand, she knows. Lily would come to her.

Lily's been coming to her more and more.

Sooner or later they'll be home, and she will have work to do. But for now...

For now she has Lily.